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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants white teeth, but unfortunately, the foods we eat, our habits, and other factors can make our teeth less shiny and white over time. If you have dull or yellow teeth, you may be considering teeth whitening to achieve a smile you can be proud of. Here are the top three FAQs people often ask on teeth whitening so you can make an informed decision about treatment.

1. Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

When done excessively or incorrectly, teeth whitening could very well damage your teeth. Most teeth whitening products utilize hydrogen peroxide, which has the potential to damage your teeth’s enamel and cause gum inflammation. Because of these factors, it’s essential you are informed about the products and procedures used to whiten your teeth – and that you don’t attempt to whiten your teeth too often.

2. Should I Get My Teeth Whitened by a Dentist?

The safest, most effective way to achieve a beautiful smile is through your dentist. While there are many OTC teeth whitening products, you can’t be sure they are professional quality. Some may contain subpar chemicals products, or many have such low quantities of bleaching product that they may not help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

3. What Professional Teeth Whitening Options Are There?

Your dentist can ensure your teeth are whitened in the method best suited to your dental needs. If you have a dental crown, gum inflammation, or another dental issue, your dentist can advise you on the best next step. Most dentists offer two options for teeth whitening: in-office bleaching and take-home trays.

In-office teeth whitening can be completed in one session and provides the quickest results. Your dentist may use a laser and gum guard for a safe and effective procedure. Take-home trays are custom made to your mouth and completed at home under the guidance of your dentist.

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