Girl ignoring toxic friend.

4 Red Flags of a Toxic Friendship that You Should Know

No friendship should feel like work. But unfortunately, when you’ve found yourself in a toxic friendship, it seems like you do all the work – and then some. But the good news is that there are several signs to look out for that will tell you you’re in a toxic friendship, so you can GTFO.

The Thought of Hanging Out with Them is Exhausting

You probably know the drill. You see their text and ignore it. But then you get another, and another. And you begin to feel the anxiety weigh your shoulders down. If you feel this type of exhaustion just when you get a text, it should be a definite red flag that you’re in a toxic friendship.

You Make Excuses Not to Hang Out with Them

Didn’t you forget to wash your hair? Or that pile of laundry just has to get done before you do anything, right? These types of lame excuses may seem like you’re scraping the barrel. And this is because you are. If you have to think up a ridiculous excuse not to hang out with your friend, this is another red flag to be on the lookout for.

You Feel Worn Out After Any Activity

Does going shopping with your friend sound like it could be torture? If you feel as if you need to recharge or meditate after any activity with your friend, this is a red flag that you should pay attention to.

You Avoid Them When Possible

Maybe you need to run an errand that would take you near your friend’s apartment, or close to where they work. But instead, you drive completely across town just to get your errands done for the day. This means you’re avoiding them – and it’s a huge red flag that you’re in a toxic friendship.

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