Woman helping her friend with depression

5 Caring Ways to Support a Friend with Depression

Seeing a friend struggle with depression can present a feeling of conflict. On one hand, supporting a friend through a mental health issue is so important. On the other hand, depression is a sensitive condition. It makes sense to be concerned about offering support in a way that invalidates or even worsens their struggle.

In addition, most people recognize that they are not qualified mental health professionals. Finding the balance between being a supportive friend and overstepping can be difficult. So, here are five ways to care for and support a loved one with depression.

1) Be Aware of The Signs of Depression

Acting from an outside perspective can be incredibly helpful to a friend struggling with depression. Gently bringing awareness to their noticeable or worsening symptoms allows them to recognize a need for additional help. This can include support from you or a licensed professional.

2) Let Them Talk It Out

Showing support for a friend isn’t always about providing a solution or answers. Simply allowing them to vent or use you as a sounding board goes a long way. Listening is one of the best ways to make someone feel heard.

3) Get Involved with Their Treatment

If a friend is already seeking professional help and has a treatment plan in place, supporting them in the journey is a great idea. A person will often feel less alone when someone is there with them in their recovery.

4) Point Out the Positives

When dealing with depression, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of negativity. This makes it difficult to see progress and steps forward for oneself. Acknowledging the good things for a friend can improve their esteem and propel them further.

5) Plan Ahead

Concrete plans and action steps reinforce the feeling of moving forward. Planning both for a positive future and to improve their existing condition can keep a friend from feeling they will get stuck in depression.

Getting Outside Help

While these are good ways to offer support, a mental health provider may still be necessary for treating depression. Dana Group Behavioral Health offers therapy, medication management, and a positive environment to help anyone feel better.

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