Behavioral health professional going for a run.

5 Tips Every Behavioral Health Professional Should Remember

Behavioral health professionals specialize in teaching client to look after themselves. But what about looking after your own state of mind? What do you do to fill up your cup?

Three Pillars of Behavioral Health

Mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand, so the best place to start is with diet, sleep, and exercise. This will ensure you can function at your best and keep your brain chemistry healthy.

  • Diet: Gut microbiome is linked to mental health, so it’s important to use food as the fuel you need to keep your brain functioning at its best. That means of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and plenty of hydration. It’s best to avoid sugary and processed foods which can cause artificial highs and lows that affect mood.
  • Exercise: No-one can sit and listen all day, every day. Exercise can alleviate stress, boost mood, improve sleep, and much more. Get up and move around between sessions and try to be active for at least half an hour during the day to enjoy the benefits.
  • Sleep: Adults typically need between seven and nine hours of quality shut-eye per night, but often this is the first thing that falls by the wayside when we’re stressed. Create a bedtime routine, reduce screen time, and make sure you go to bed on time. Aside from being better for your overall health, this will help you think more clearly and better serve your clients.

Strategically Reduce Work-Related Stress

Behavioral health can be a stressful line of work. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so it’s a good idea to reduce the stressors that you can and prioritize things that make you feel good. It’s also important to draw healthy boundaries and alleviate pressures wherever possible.

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