Woman experiencing an identity crisis

Am I Having an Identity Crisis?

The person you believe you are and how you act around others may not always mesh. It can be difficult to know who you are, and some people spend their whole life trying to figure that out.

Certain life events, such as trauma or loss, can trigger a new phase of your life and who your identity is. Here’s a guide on the signs that you’re having an identity crisis and ways to cope with the change.

What Are the Signs of Identity Crisis?

An identity crisis can happen at a time when something changes and makes you reevaluate who you are. This doesn’t just happen in adolescence but as you go through life transitions. This can be anything from being in a new relationship, having a major health problem, or starting a new phase of your life.

Some signs to look for when you have an identity crisis include the following:

  • Questioning your basic understanding of who you are
  • Feeling anxiety, agitation, or dissatisfaction with life
  • Changing yourself to suit any environment, situation, or relationship
  • Trouble answering questions about yourself
  • Not being able to trust that you can make good decisions

These signs typically mean that you’re questioning who you are and where you’re going in your life. Identifying these signs can make it easier to find a way to rediscover who you are.

How To Cope with an Identity Crisis

An identity crisis is when you have a major life transition. This can be difficult to deal with on top of your external environment. Some ways to help cope with an identity crisis include:

  • Express what’s important to you
  • Give yourself time for objectivity
  • Take care of yourself
  • Set firm boundaries and stick to them
  • Don’t fall into bad habits or destructive behaviors
  • Face your identity crisis squarely
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