Woman with anxiety wondering why she is anxious all the time

Anxiety Feeling Out of Control? Here are 7 Solutions to Breathe Easier

When anxiety starts to feel out of control, it could point to an anxiety disorder. The mental health condition is the most common worldwide after all – affecting 260 million people. Fortunately, a lot is known about managing feelings of being anxious all the time.

What Causes an Anxiety Disorder?

One of the reasons anxiety disorders are so common is that their causes can happen to anyone. An anxiety disorder can develop from any of the following: substance abuse, chronic health issues, life stressors (work, relationships, moving, etc.), other mental health conditions, family history/genetics, or anxiety-prone personality traits.

Despite being so prevalent, anxiety can be difficult to spot in other people. Therefore, it’s important for anyone with anxiety disorder not to get caught up in comparisons or a “why me?” cycle.

How To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

There are six effective ways to manage feelings of anxiety on one’s own. Some of these will work for some and not others, and that’s okay. It may take exploring several strategies to find a combination that offers anxiety relief. Here are some strategies to try:

  • Take care of physical health
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Avoid isolating oneself
  • Spend time in nature
  • Know what’s in the realm of control

Going Beyond Self-Soothing Strategies

Like any other mental health condition, anxiety disorders may not disappear without receiving professional help. A licensed counselor can work with you to address anxiety symptoms in a positive, safe way. Dana Group Behavioral Health in Massachusetts is a mental health provider that can be a first step to feeling less anxious. They have therapy services available as well as medication management (if one chooses to take anxiety meds) from in-house prescribers.

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