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Benefits for Using Social Media to Market Your Mental Health Clinic

Mental health can be a sensitive topic, but 1 in 5 adults in the US have a mental illness in a given year. That is affecting 52.9 million people, their families, and their communities.

The first step in effectively marketing your mental health clinic on social media is knowing who your audience is, where they spend their time online, and using the appropriate language and content to have them reach out to you.

Gain New Clients

Social media can hit many checkmarks in successfully reaching a new audience and converting them to new clients:

  • You can grow brand awareness
  • You can provide genuinely helpful information
  • You can connect with new potential clients
  • You can maintain relationships with current clients
  • You can communicate with people directly
  • You can marry visual and written content
  • You can set goals and track your progress
  • You can link posts to your website, blogs, and other content
  • You can utilize both organic and paid content to gain leads

Best Platforms to Use for Mental Health Marketing

There are a few social media platforms that are crucial to effective marketing. These platforms have a large audience and can drive people to your accounts.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Using these platforms can dramatically increase web traffic and who sees your content. With Facebook, there are an estimated 15 million users within the last two years. 

Similarly, Instagram shares 63% of the marketplace of internet users. The content that performs best is composed of clean, artistically angled photographs with creative, thoughtful, poetic, or witty messaging.

LinkedIn allows your clinic to share more professional information. It’s a great place to share your practice’s values and provide important updates.

Post Ideas

Each platform has its own content that performs well. However, there are a few common post ideas that can boost your social media marketing.

  • Educating about mental health.
  • Distributing the blogs or articles on your website.
  • Sharing testimonials from your clients.
  • Doing “behind the scenes” to build an engaging environment.
  • Posting on lifestyle social media marketing.
  • Sharing videos to draw attention.
  • Highlighting events and key moments.
  • Having mental health infographics.
  • Doing call-to-action posts.
  • Having messaging campaigns.
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