Alaskan seniors at Turnagain Social Club eat dinner together.

Best Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

When it comes to healthy aging, joy and connectivity are essential. It all starts with keeping an active mind, however, that doesn’t just mean puzzles such as sudoku and crosswords.

While these can be a fun way to fill an hour, they’re not for everybody, and they’re certainly not enough to engage in a life of meaning and purpose.

Turnagain Social Club believes that maintaining a healthy mind and body starts with socialization. It not only brings us joy, but plays a critical role in preventing conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some fun ways to stay mentally active.

  • Be a social butterfly: Whether you’re outgoing or not, as human beings, we thrive on relationships!
  • Turn up the music: Or even better, sing along! Music stimulates the brain and makes us feel good.
  • Practice your penmanship: Writing improves both mental focus and fine motor skills. Try writing a letter to a friend or journaling!
  • Focus on things that make you happy: Staying positive keeps a supply of good chemicals running into your brain.

Of course, you also need to stay physically active.

Here are a few ways to maintain a healthy body:

  • Exercise daily: Regular physical activity helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.
  • Eat well: Good nutrition supplies your brain with all the vitamins it needs to function at its best.
  • Sit up straight: Maintaining an upright posture improves circulation and blood flow to the brain.
  • Sleep tight: Recharge your batteries to prevent brain fog and improve your immune function.

Finally, the most forgotten yet essential aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: socialization!

It’s so important as we age to schedule in regular social time to with your community. 

Click the link below to learn more about Turnagain Social Club’s senior social center.

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