Woman getting a dental cleaning without insurance

Can You Afford a Dental Cleaning Without Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Proper oral hygiene begins with keeping your teeth clean. And this is actually the first line of prevention when it comes to combating oral health issues. But finding affordable dental care can be a challenge. Thankfully, South Anchorage Dental Center offers several affordable paths to paying for your cleaning if you don’t have dental insurance.


CareCredit is a health and wellness credit line that allows you to have dental procedures when you need them and gives you the option of paying your balance in monthly installments. Typically, you’ll get an immediate response when you apply for the card. And you can use this line of credit for surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including dental cleanings.

Proceed Financial

This option offers third-party financing for patients needing both medical and dental services. Proceed Financial is an amalgam of banking and credit that allows patients the ability to pay for the dental procedures they need, including periodic dental cleanings.

In-House Financing

As a convenience for all SADC patients, in-house financing is also available if other options simply cannot be acquired. With this process, a dentist at South Anchorage Dental Center helps patients determine what services they need, then the office will set up a payment plan so patients can have access to dental care, including periodic cleanings.

SADC Dental Savings Plan

With SADC’s dental savings plan, this program can save patients money in order to make dental care more affordable. The plan itself includes many advantages for savings on dental care with SADC, and helps to reduce the cost of any visit in order for patients to keep up with their dental care.

South Anchorage Dental Center is here to help you meet your oral health goals. And with several methods for financing, you’ll rest easy knowing your dental health needs can be met when you need them.

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