Alcohol addicted man how alcohol and suicide are linked

Can You Become Suicidal From Alcohol?

Alcohol abuse and getting drunk can put you at a higher risk of committing suicide. Although many people drink to avoid facing their feelings, it can make people feel their emotions stronger.

Having suicidal thoughts with alcohol abuse can often be true if someone is already suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. Here’s how alcohol and suicide are linked and why you should seek treatment for help.

How Does Alcohol Make You Suicidal?

Alcohol use has been prevalent for a long time, and suicide takes over a million lives globally every year. Over time, studies have shown the connection between alcohol and suicide risk for many decades. A recent study by NIH showed that there is a strong connection between thoughts and behaviors but also completed suicides.

  • About 56% of people who completed suicide had alcohol abuse in their history.
  • About 20%-40% of all suicides are by alcoholics.
  • The suicide risk may be greater for binge drinkers in cultures where people abstain most of the time but do most of their drinking on a binge.
  • About 29% of people who committed suicide had alcohol in their systems.

Why Should You Seek Treatment for Alcohol and Suicide?

Seeking help can save you and your loved ones from emotional difficulties. Going to a clinic can help you or your loved one recover from their alcohol addiction. It can also help people who have suicidal tendencies to get the help they need.

Some signs that you need treatment for alcoholism or suicide include:

  • Using alcohol to cope with bad feelings or memories.
  • Abusing alcohol to deal with pain or overwhelming moods.
  • Getting more depressed when you get drunk.
  • Drinking to calm your anxiety.
  • You have a mental disorder and use alcohol to self-medicate.
  • Have thoughts of harming yourself after drinking.
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