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Choosing Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab: Important Factors to Consider

When looking at options between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, there are several factors to consider. As such, it’s best to make an informed decision.

Rehabilitation facilities offering the treatment can help a patient to decide which option is best suitable for their unique situation. And keeping the following factors in mind when deciding between inpatient or outpatient rehab will help.

Addiction Severity

Addiction is not universally treated. Simply put, there are too many factors to consider when treating addiction and each addiction affects a person differently. And the severity of the addiction will often dictate which type of treatment is best for the patient.

For example, mild alcohol addiction may be easily treated with outpatient programs whereas severe alcoholism or addiction to drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine may be best treated with an inpatient program.

Mental Health

If a patient has both substance abuse and mental health issues, the best path forward may be inpatient treatment. And this is often accomplished through a dual-diagnosis program which will assess the overall state of mental health and addiction in the same facility.

Mental health conditions also play a role in a patient’s ability to undergo treatment. And the patient will likely have an assessment prior to being advised on which program is best suited for their specific needs.

Support Systems

Beating addiction is not an easy task. And often a patient’s success depends largely on the support networks around them.

For example, if a patient’s friends use drugs or alcohol regularly, this is likely not going to be a support system for an individual wanting to attend a rehab program. And this is also true if a patient’s family has issues with substance abuse. Essentially, without an adequate outside support system, inpatient treatment may be the best option.

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