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Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? Here are a Few Signs to Consider

Imposter syndrome is thought to affect up to 80 percent of people. And this is often triggered in your professional life as you advance into a new position or take on a new and unfamiliar role. But imposter syndrome can affect your entire life as well.

If you think you’re suffering from imposter syndrome, the following will explore a few of the signs to look for.

Fear of Not Meeting Expectations

Those with imposter syndrome often feel as if they simply don’t measure up to the standards of those around them. And because in any job there are expectations to be met, if you have imposter syndrome, you may feel that you cannot meet them no matter how hard you try.

Additionally, a fear of not meeting expectations often comes along with the fear of being found out which can cause paranoia and anxiety.


If you have a severe case of imposter syndrome, your anxiety at work may be so great that you begin to purposely (or even subconsciously) make mistakes or exercise poor decisions. This may include calling out frequently or simply not doing certain assigned tasks if you find them to be too time-consuming or difficult.

You may also self-sabotage by constantly drawing attention to your perceived lack of knowledge – which could make your coworkers question your skills and performance.

Downplaying Your Accomplishments

We all like to pat ourselves on the back from time to time when we know we’ve earned it. But if you suffer from imposter syndrome, you may not even be able to acknowledge your own accomplishments or successes.

Not giving yourself credit where credit is due is a classic sign of imposter syndrome. And can lead to reduced confidence in your skills and abilities.

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