Woman rubs sore neck from possible fibromyalgia symptoms.

Does Fibromyalgia Go Away? Lyme Disease Could Be the Answer

Have you received a diagnosis for fibromyalgia in the past and can’t seem to find relief? 

Are you tired of experiencing widespread, chronic pain, fatigue, and other sleep problems? If your symptoms don’t go away, it’s possible that Lyme disease could actually be the reason for your discomfort. In a moment we’ll explain why.

Seeing a doctor who specializes in both fibromyalgia and Lyme disease can help you pin down the root cause of your pain and start a treatment plan that will help you feel like yourself again. 

Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease are hard to tell apart.

Doctors may diagnose patients with fibromyalgia if they have all the symptoms and do not have any other condition to blame. However, there is no test available to confirm a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. 

On the other hand, Lyme disease can be detected using tests that pick up antibodies of the bacteria that causes the condition. Many people will also get a bull’s-eye rash after being bitting by a tick. 

However, the results of these tests are only reliable for a couple weeks after your bite. After this, results may show up negative, even if symptoms of Lyme disease are present – these can include chronic pain, fatigue, sleep problems, brain fog, and several other symptoms also linked to fibromyalgia.

Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step. 

If a patient receives negative results in spite of having contracted Lyme disease, doctors may incorrectly diagnose them with fibromyalgia. 

Unfortunately, unless Lyme disease is treated correctly, patients will continue to experience discomfort than can progressively get worse. 

Seeing a specialist like Dr. Robin Ridinger, who specializes in Lyme disease, means you can get a more accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan right from the start. 

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