Depressed woman being affected by psychosis from weed

Drug-Induced Psychosis: Recognizing the Signs of Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis use has been around since antiquity. And here in the United States, it has seen a resurgence within the last two decades due to many states legalizing the drug for medical or recreational use.

Though cannabis has been glamorized for its medicinal qualities, it can still become addictive and cause problems. The following will explore a few common symptoms of cannabis use disorder.

Excessive Cravings

When weed is used regularly, any individual can develop a dependency on the drug. And when this dependency occurs it can produce powerful cravings.

For example, if a person uses marijuana habitually to cope with stress or other factors, this can lead to anxiety when access to the drug is limited or no longer available – and cravings can disrupt daily activities. If this is the case, seeking counseling may be the next step to help reduce dependency.


Certain strains of cannabis, specifically Indica strains, can make it feel effortless to fall asleep. And if an individual decides to quit using the drug, especially if it has been used daily for an extended period of time, falling asleep naturally may be quite difficult.

Lack of sleep can cause even more anxiety and reduce the body’s ability to cope with stress or process information. If this persists, regular daily tasks may also be difficult to complete.

Giving Up Important Activities

Each person has activities and responsibilities that are important to them. And when cannabis disorder is evident, a person may give up things, activities, or people that once played a central role in their lives.

Acknowledging that cannabis has come between a person and the things they once loved is the first step in recovering from cannabis use disorder. And therapy for this condition can offer assistance.

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