Business person reviews a Lead-Generating Social Media Content Strategy printout

Effective Lead-Generating Social Media Content Strategy

Social media is not just for personal usage and watching cat videos. There has been an evolving and increasing usage for businesses to market their products and services online. It also allows your company to get a deeper connection with your customers.

Advertising your company has become easier with the usage of social media. You can take your advertising and outreach into your own hands. Here are several factors to consider for getting an engaged audience that can turn into actual leads with an intentional social media strategy.

What is Your Marketing Goal?

Identifying your marketing goal is crucial to understanding how you should be advertising on social media. You may consider the following questions when coming up with your goals:

  • Do you have a specific revenue goal?
  • How many leads is your company capable of handling?
  • How many of these leads need to convert and become customers to meet your revenue goals?
  • Is there a particular item or service you want to sell more of?

What is Your Target Audience?

Knowing your target audience helps you tailor your social media to keep them interested and wanting to purchase your product or service. This can be broken down by gender, occupation, age, hobbies, or any other criteria that your clients have in common.

What Social Media Platforms Should You Be On?

There are several social media platforms that you can be on to boost your reach and generate leads. The top platforms that can help bring your business to the next level are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

How do You Post Regularly?

The easiest way to ensure a reliable and consistent posting strategy is met is to create a social media content calendar. There are a few primary components to have on the calendar.

  • Maintain the right balance of posting
  • Use a variety of content types
  • Always include a visual
  • Have a messaging plan

How Do You Keep Your Brand Online?

Creating a social media graphics template helps make each post visually attractive and on-brand. This is most effective on Instagram and Pinterest. You can use a program like Canva to create graphics, including logos, and create a photo gallery.

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