Elder Care in Alaska: What’s Unique About Home Care Up North?

Elders often seek guidance from or lean on their loved ones to assist them with daily tasks or help them around their homes. However, seniors sometimes find it is tough to rely solely on their family and friends to provide the level of care they need, which may lead them to consider Alaska home care services. Here are some things that make home care services in Alaska different.

The Benefits of Choosing a Home Care Service Provider 

We want our elders to understand that there are solutions to receiving the type of care they are looking for. Check out some of the benefits of choosing a home care service provider: 

  • Stay within the comfort of your own home 
  • Receive personal care 
  • Keep families together with home care support 
  • Provide more flexibility

Home Care Services Offered Up North 

Here at WellSpring Home Health, we offer a multitude of home care services, such as skilled, unskilled, pediatric, and veteran services. 

Skilled Home Care Services 

We have highly skilled nurses who are available to care for you on a full time, part time, or day-to-day basis. This may include: 

  • Medication management 
  • Pain management 
  • Chronic conditions 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Speech therapy 
  • And more

Unskilled Home Care Services 

Unskilled home care services refer to non-medical care, which can include help with daily activities like bathing, eating, and help getting dressed. The service also entails running day-to-day errands, such as shopping tasks, light housekeeping, and laundry. 

Pediatric Care Services 

Our pediatric caregivers will make sure your child is in great hands and is taken care of. We come up with an accessible and comprehensive written plan of action that is approved by your medical team, family, and caregivers. 

Veteran Care Services

In honor of our veterans bravely defended and protected our country, we offer veteran care services to show our gratitude and respect. We believe in honoring them for the work they have done for us and the freedom they have given us.

Look to WellSpring Health for Elder Care in Alaska 

If you are an elder or know someone who is an elder who would benefit from the home care services we provide, please get in touch with us. It is our job to make sure everyone is getting taken care of properly and respectfully. 

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