Designer and client review mental health brand on desktop computer.

Establishing a Strong Mental Health Brand

How you brand your business is essential. Having a clear understanding of your company helps potential clients know what you are. For therapists, creating a strong mental health brand can effectively draw people to your services.

Branding is not just your logo but who your business is as a whole. Your mental health brand encompasses many factors like your logo, colors, typography, vision, message, and anything else that can impact your potential clients.

Visualizing Your Brand

Having visuals is essential for how you want your company to look and its message. Every color has a different meaning and associated feelings, so choosing the company colors is important. Also, selecting the right typography is essential for the messaging you are conveying to clients.

How to Establish Your Mental Health Brand

A few steps can help establish your brand the way you want.

  1. Brand Discovery Meeting: This sets the stage for who your business is and shows your mental health professionals the visions of the clinic. This is what can become your “elevator pitch.”
  2. Name the Clinic: Consider factors like what your competitors are called and what kind of clinic you are.
  3. Brand Tagline: A tagline is a short phrase that captures your brand. It tells people who you are and drives your clinic to the future.
  4. Picking the Imagery: Choosing the suitable logo, font, and imagery is extremely important for how potential clients will view you.


Another great way to establish your brand is strong imagery that reflects the kind of clientele you want. Make sure to put up images of the types of people you’d like to treat. If you are a family therapist, add photos of families and children. This will help guide your potential target audience to your clinic.

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