Woman leaving a client review for a mental health practice

Ethical Methods of Getting Client Reviews for a Mental Health Practice

In today’s business world, reviews are about much more than the products or services a business offers. With our interconnected digital landscape, reviews have also become a way that a business can improve search engine rankings – and brand awareness.

Google reviews can significantly alter search engine ranking, especially if they’re subpar. But they can also deter someone from choosing to do business with a particular company, and prompt them to take their business elsewhere. However, when it comes to the mental health space, getting clients to leave a review can be tricky.

Are Client Reviews Ethical?

In the world of mental health practices, it’s looked upon as unethical to directly ask for a current client to leave a review or testimonial. And this is because the practice of asking for reviews violates ethical codes according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the following organizations:

  • The National Association of Social Workers
  • The American Psychological Association

These rules are in place to protect patients from feeling coerced or pressured into leaving a good review because they may feel that if they don’t, they may not get adequate care.

Ethical Ways to get Client Reviews

While soliciting client reviews is unethical, there are a few ways you can make it easy for a client to leave a review if they wish to do so. And this can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Create a testimonial page where a client can leave a review, including easy-to-understand instructions
  • Create a page for links to leave reviews on external sites such as Yelp or HealthGrades
  • Share a link to Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

Keep in mind that while directly asking for reviews is prohibited, providing links and instructions to leave a review is completely acceptable by HIPAA standards.

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