Man feeling disconnected at restaurant

Feeling Disconnected? Here’s What You Can Do To Start Feeling Present

Sometimes life can seem like a never-ending cycle. From work to home to bed, then the rinse and repeat the next day, many people find themselves feeling that they’re trapped in a never-ending loop. And this feeling of not being present can present a significant challenge to maintaining proper mental health.

Thankfully, there are a few techniques to try when life seems lifeless and stagnant.

Practice Mindfulness

Being more present in the world begins by being present with one’s immediate surroundings. And working on mindfulness exercises can help to curb the feeling of disconnection and breathe life into one’s immediate environment.

A few examples of mindfulness exercises to try are:

  • Begin a gratitude journal
  • Breathing meditations
  • Practice acts of kindness
  • Walking meditations
  • Tuning into the senses

Strengthening one’s relationship with the surrounding world can work to break the feeling of disconnection and allow a feeling of being present to thrive.

Social Connections

Most people start withdrawing from social connections when they begin to feel stuck in a neverending loop. But this can make the feeling of disconnection even worse.

Being human, we need to connect with others in order to be vulnerable and share thoughts in order to feel present and valued. And social groups allow us to step into the present moment and become much more grounded than we can on our own.


Engaging in therapy can be a powerful tool to cope with the emotions that cause one to feel disconnected. In fact, therapy can empower and help keep accountability if the goal is to reach out more and engage with social groups or simply to be more present with family.

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy provides an innovative approach to mental health and licensed practitioners are available to help you to feel more present in life. If you’re feeling stuck on autopilot, the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy can assist you with reengaging with life and meeting your mental health goals.

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