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Flu, Fevers, Fatigue, and Brain Fog: Lyme Disease Explained

Have you been experiencing brain fog or feeling like you have a flu that doesn’t go away with time? 

Flu-like symptoms, cognitive issues, and even mental health problems are symptoms that can be associated with Lyme disease.  

If you’re sick of feeling tired, or having reoccurring fevers, or other symptoms without finding answers, a holistic doctor can help get to root of what’s happening and find a solution that actually works. 

Lyme disease can feel like the flu.  

If you have a fever, this is a strong indicator that your body is fighting off an infection. Lyme disease is caused by a borrelia burgdorferi infection, which can cause your body temperature to go up.

It can also cause other symptoms like muscle aches, reduced appetite, muscle weakness and more. 

But if you have chronic fatigue, this may be more difficult to pin down. There are many different reasons you might feel exhausted all the time, and Lyme disease is one of them. 

That’s because Lyme Disease puts your body into constant fight mode, which can leave you with very little leftover energy to go about your day. 

Do you ever feel like your brain isn’t working? 

This feeling is often referred to as brain fog. You may notice you forget things more, have trouble concentrating, feel confused or dazed, and just generally think at a slower rate than you’re used to. 

Lyme disease can also make you feel anxious or depressed, even if you don’t have a psychiatric disorder. That’s why it’s important to work with a holistic doctor who fully understands the ways this disease can affect your overall health.

Dr. Robin Ridinger from Premier Health and Holistic Medicine can set you on the right path. Click the link below to learn more.

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