Men in therapy session after finding relatable marketing for mental health

Here’s All You Need to Know About Marketing Health Services to Men

It might not be a surprise that there are several studies that have shown men seek out healthcare services at a much lower rate than women. And this is not only a problem resulting in chronic health conditions that go untreated, it can also be challenging to develop a marketing strategy for men.

While marketing to a range of people is important, targeting men for health services should be a part of any healthcare provider’s marketing plan.

Make it Easy

Fun fact: While most men love a challenge, men also love when things are easy. And making healthcare easy for men seeking out these services can be a huge asset to a marketing campaign.

The more a healthcare practice can make seeking care easy, the better for men who might be on the fence about having to “deal with” looking for and getting care.

Safety and Acceptance

As mentioned, not many men seek out health services. And in order to be more inviting, a practice needs to help destigmatize men’s healthcare.

A practice may consider educating men on the benefits of routine care or help to bust the myths and stigma surrounding healthcare for men. And a professional marketing company can help to meet these goals through strategic content marketing.

Curiosity and Understanding

Each person has their own unique struggles and goals to meet along their healthcare journey. And making men curious while also empathizing with their needs is going to be the first step in creating a marketing campaign tailored for men specifically.

We humans are naturally curious. As such, speaking to men about their curiosities may prove to be the intriguing edge a practice needs to bring more men in to receive healthcare.

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