Young woman cleans house providing personal care for senior woman.

How Can Personal Care Help You?

Many people think of medical care when they hear about home care. However, there are options for personal care that people can receive that help them immensely. 

Some people may need help with their daily tasks, making personal home care a great resource. Here is what kind of services are included in-home care. 

What Does Home Care Include?

Homecare can include skilled and unskilled services. Skilled services allow people to receive the medical assistance that they need. This can consist of physical therapy, speech therapy, medication management, etc. 

Unskilled services are where your personal care comes in. These at-home services can help people with various daily tasks that you may need help with. 

Meal Preparation and Feeding 

Some may find it hard to cook or even compile foods that fit their dietary restrictions. You may also struggle with finding nutritious foods to eat. Home care can help prepare your meals and help with feeding assistance if needed. 

Organization and Running Errands

Getting around your home can become difficult as you age, so housekeeping services are available with home care to ensure that you live in a clean and safe environment. You can also receive help with errands such as grocery shopping. 


Moving around can be challenging in some homes, so you can get help going around your house. Transportation to different doctor appointments to stores is also another available option. 

Bladder and Bowel Care

You may be experiencing difficulty going to the bathroom by yourself. With the help of service staff, you can get help with your bladder and bowel care. 

Bathing and Grooming

Getting clean in the shower or bath can be difficult withstanding for long periods or getting into the tub. So, you can get help with cleaning and grooming yourself to feel good. 

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