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How Is Technology Revolutionizing Mental Health Care?

The pandemic has pushed mental health care in a unique direction of providing care for clients. Therapists have turned to technology to help clients in the best suits them. 

Although teletherapy has been the most significant impact on mental healthcare, new methods are changing how care is given to clients and how it can continue to support them beyond weekly sessions. Here is how technology is revolutionizing mental health care and what this means for your practice. 

What New Technology Is Available?

The rise of technology over the last few decades has significantly impacted our lives. The same goes for the way people are receiving help. These methods can help people book appointments by easily connecting them to therapists they need or using technology for treatments. 

Therapists can use a wide range of technology to help their practice, including: 

  • Telehealth
  • Crisis response
  • Mental health apps
  • Prescription video games
  • AI-powered tools
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Digital symptom or mood tracking
  • Online booking

How Is Technology Revolutionizing Mental Health Care?

The tools available to therapists and clients are revolutionizing care. Some people need to have help beyond the weekly sessions. Technology is just a way to extend a reaching hand of help to them. 

It also has allowed 24/7 crisis lines to help people receive aid anytime they need it. Since people carry their phones with them everywhere, it’s essential to see the advantages that online services can provide for people, including: 

  • Convenience
  • Anonymity
  • Care education
  • Lower cost
  • Accessibility
  • Constant services
  • Data collection

Some cons can be a concern for some people, including:

  • Effectiveness of online therapy
  • Privacy rules on using technology
  • Lack of regulation 
  • Overselling effectiveness

Technology is revolutionizing mental health care through the services provided and how that can help therapists treat their clients beyond the weekly sessions.  

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