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How Recruitment Marketing Can Highlight an Amazing Work Culture

Having a fun and inclusive work culture are two elements that many companies in the mental health space strive to incorporate to keep employees engaged and happy. But this doesn’t just benefit current employees. When shared, a glimpse into an amazing work culture can be used as leverage when attempting to recruit new job candidates and expand an existing team.

How to Make Your Message Count

When it comes to effective recruitment marketing in the mental health space, there are several methods that a business can adopt to leverage an amazing culture. The key is showing rather than telling. And through the following methods, you can express the truth behind a stellar company culture:

  • Website messaging
  • Video testimonials
  • Social messaging
  • Glassdoor and Google Reviews

When a company actively engages with anyone wanting to become part of the conversation through the above methods, this shows a job seeker that a business is being genuine and accountable regarding their work culture – and taking into consideration the thoughts and comments of former employees and the community as a whole.

What Exactly Is an Amazing Work Culture?

The word “amazing” might get thrown around a lot. So how does a job seeker know that a mental health practice truly has an amazing work culture?

Because there is no exact formula for defining what an amazing work culture is for everyone, a mental health practice must be authentic and true to its values and showcase these great qualities for all to see.

For example, some businesses might be very sales-focused when it comes to messaging. And this may work for attracting particular job candidates. But when a company can identify its ideal candidate profile, highlighting the qualities that these potential employees are looking for in an employer is the overall key to a recruitment strategy.

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