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How Timber Companies Can Use Photogrammetry

For companies in the timber industry, photogrammetry offers many benefits that can streamline the surveying process and help companies monitor their stock. Summit Evolution is a photogrammetric workshop software that helps take 2D images and create 3D vectors that timber companies can use to extract meaningful data and create 3D maps. Here are several ways this technology helps timber companies.

Managing Inventory

Timber companies need to have a clear picture of their inventory to make financial projections and increase profits. Summit Evolution can help with this by taking imagery, such as that collected by drones, and identifying and counting inventory on generated maps.

This process can be used for counting trees, which gives timber companies an idea of how many trees are available to cut down. They can also keep inventory of stockpiles that are laid out to dry and used for timber in the future.

Monitoring Forest Health

Dying or diseased trees are an issue for timber companies as this reduces inventory for lumber. Photogrammetric software can be used to create models and evaluate how many trees have been affected by disease, infestations, etc.

This technology can also help monitor damage from forest fires, making it possible to get an estimated count of how much area was lost due to fire. It’s also possible to identify other potential fire hazards in the area, such as power lines and surrounding bush.

Planning Roads

Timber companies rely on roads to access timber and get it where it needs to go. 3D maps can give a full picture of the forest and help companies identify possible routes where roads can be built. Summit Evolution can help by revealing topography, laying out tree dispersion, and creating a surface model.

While timber companies used to rely on land surveys and manual counts to take inventory and monitor forests, photogrammetry makes it possible to more quickly gather data with drones and analyze it.

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