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How to Deal With Your Anger

Do you constantly feel angry or full of rage? Do you feel you’re going to burst or have angry outbursts often? This excessive anger can damage your relationships, affect your career success, and make you feel out of control daily.

So, how do you get past your anger and find a healthy coping mechanism? Here’s a guide on why you may have anger issues and evidence-based methods to help you manage your anger in healthier ways.

Why Do You Have Anger Problems?

There may be several reasons why you’re struggling with anger issues. You may not realize what it is that is triggering chronic anger, and identifying the root cause behind your anger will allow you to learn how to express your emotions appropriately.

The problem is that anger can become excessive or out of control for some. This can be the reason for relationships being damaged or having complications at work. Some signs to watch for if you think you might have anger issues include:

  • You sometimes hurt others physically or verbally because of your anger.
  • You feel angry or irritated most of the time.
  • You feel your anger is beyond your control.
  • You often regret what you said or did when you were angry.
  • Small, insignificant things make you excessively angry.
  • You tend to get very angry when you drink alcohol.
  • It’s hard for you to find solutions to problems without getting angry.
  • You often engage in outward displays of aggression, such as yelling at or threatening others.

How to Healthily Cope With Your Anger

Although more research is needed, anger management techniques and therapies can help people learn healthy coping strategies. Some ways that you can help mitigate your anger issues include:

  • Increase awareness of your anger
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments
  • Avoid or disrupt anger
  • Relaxation-based strategies
  • Skills training
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