People planning a retirement business exit strategy

How to Plan a Retirement Business Exit Strategy

If you own a business, the time will come to choose what you’d like to happen to the company when you’re ready to leave to retire. It can be emotionally difficult to part ways from your business, but there are different ways that you can leave your business and possibly still be minorly involved.

But how do you plan to leave your company? Here’s a brief guide on how to plan a retirement business exit strategy and why you should start early.

Why Should You Plan Your Business Exit?

It’s essential to plan a business exit strategy to ensure that you aren’t leaving your business and employees in a bad place. Knowing whom you’re going to sell the business to or if you’ll liquidate can help ensure everything is smoothly transitioned.

Selling your business can often take a long time, so it’s essential to plan for it years in advance. It’ll allow you to emotionally prepare for separating from the business and will ensure that you align all processes for a smooth transition.

Planning your exit can also help set you up for a successful retirement. You can plan for how much money you’d like for retirement and allow yourself to get prepared for things that come with retiring.

What to Include in a Business Exit Strategy

Leaving your company includes choosing what you’d like for the business after you go. Your choices can include:

  • Selling to a third party
  • Internal sale to key employees
  • Liquidating the business

Depending on your decision, your timeframe for leaving will vary. It’ll also establish how much money you’ll have for retirement.

Some questions to help guide your decision include:

  • What is your objective?
  • What is the business worth?
  • How much money will you need in retirement?
  • Do you want to be involved in the company after no longer running it?
  • What is the financial outlook of the business?
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