Women in rehab embracing over overdosing

How to Raise Awareness of Overdoses

August 31st is an international overdose awareness day, where people remember those they’ve lost to overdose and help break down stigmas. Several people die every year due to drug overdoses. Even though people know how dangerous drug and alcohol abuse may be, some people still get into addiction situations.

This day is essential for bringing light to the destruction that drug and alcohol abuse can bring to people and educating people. This is an overview of who is affected by overdoses and how we can continue bringing awareness to this problem.

Who is Affected by Overdoses?

There used to be a stigma on the people who typically found themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, over the last few years, as the opioid epidemic has taken over, the usual person associated with drug addiction has changed. Now drug and alcohol addiction is known to happen to anyone.

Addiction doesn’t choose which people it affects, as it can impact anyone from any demographic. This can be a concerning problem as drug and alcohol users rise and affect more people.

How to Bring Awareness to Overdoses

Understanding addiction is essential for changing the stigma and helping those in need. Educating people about the effects that drugs can have on them and their loved ones can make an impact on steering clear of addiction.

We can also highlight why recovering in an addiction treatment center is essential for turning someone’s life around. It will help give them the tools to fight their addiction and not come close to overdosing. Although the statistics reflect rising numbers, continuing to bring awareness to important issues such as overdoses in America can help save lives.

Through education, we can change the stigma behind addiction and get people the help they need. Those struggling with addiction should seek help from a treatment center and get their life back on track.

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