Family experiencing the effects that addiction has on families

How to Seek Support for Family Members of Addicts

Being a family member of an addict can be challenging. You want to find ways to help them through their situation, and sometimes the person struggling with addiction doesn’t want help or doesn’t see that their addiction is a problem.

So, how can you seek support for sealing with a loved one’s addiction? Here’s a guide on the effects that addiction has on families and advice for protecting yourself and your family.

What Are the Effects of Addiction on Families?

Drug addiction can be a painful and damaging experience for family members of addicts. The turmoil of addiction can affect everyone in the family and lead to other emotional difficulties such as:

  • Affecting a child’s development
  • Bearing more responsibility to cover for the addict
  • Having trust issues with an addicted family member
  • Living in an environment of fear and distress
  • Becoming financially unstable

The effects of drug addiction can be stressful and overwhelming for family members. They often have to take on most of the responsibilities as the person struggling with addiction becomes unreliable to fulfill their duties. It also has a major emotional toll on family members, primarily children.

How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Although you want to help the person struggling with addiction, sometimes they’re unwilling to get help or have relapsed. When trying to get them help, you should ensure that you’re protecting your family to the best of your abilities. Some ways to do that include:

  • Set boundaries and enforce them
  • Study and practice good communication skills
  • Avoid enabling the addict to use
  • Attend support groups for family members of addicts

Establishing boundaries will show that the actions of the person struggling with addiction affect more people than them and help maintain healthy relationships while trying to get help. Addiction is a challenging situation for anyone, but getting the proper support will enable an environment for change.

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