Man suffering from work from home burnout and zoom fatigue

How to Survive WFH Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

Over the last few years, more and more people have switched to working remotely. And while this has had several benefits for people, many are experiencing work-from-home burnout. It can be hard to manage the expectations of working from home and still completing work with constant Zoom fatigue. 

So, how can you survive the fatigue? Here’s a brief guide on signs of Zoom fatigue and what you can do to avoid WFH burnout. 

What Are Signs of Burnout?

The symptoms of burnout from working from home and Zoom can overlap, as fatigue normally affects people in the same way. Working-from-home burnout can come from several factors, such as balancing your work and home life. It can also become challenging to separate your work and home life, which adds to the fatigue. 

Zoom fatigue can come from focusing hard on a screen for long periods. It can strain your eyes, and multiple things can distract you. 

Some WFH burnout symptoms include: 

  • Your productivity at work suffers.
  • You have physical signs, like digestive issues, heart palpitations, or headaches.
  • You feel emotionally bad when you think about work.
  • You feel tired and irritable, and your temper flares.
  • You need a new way to deal with anxiety about your work and home situation.

Some Zoom fatigue symptoms include: 

  • Your eyes are tired, so your vision blurs, and your eyes become irritated and painful.
  • You become physically and mentally exhausted by the end of each Zoom meeting. 
  • Your motivation disappears as you worry about not being able to complete your assignments or fulfill all your work duties. 
  • You feel emotionally fatigued, moody, or irritable.

How to Avoid Burnout

Some ways to avoid burnout when working from home include structuring your day and setting better boundaries. It would help if you also considered taking breaks regularly, getting some exercise, and eating and sleeping well. 

You can avoid Zoom fatigue if you avoid visual overload, do not multitask during meetings, hide the window showing your face, and have breaks between meetings. 

Adding these tips to your life can help you avoid feelings of burnout and help establish your boundaries so you can still enjoy your work-life balance. 

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