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Knowing Your Addiction: Here’s How To Spot the Signs

Addiction is no laughing matter. Though addiction often occurs because of one’s choices, depending on the substance being used, quitting can be quite difficult. But treatment is available for those who do wish to break the shackles of addiction.

In the following, we’ll explore a few signs that will tell you if you’re an addict – or if you’re becoming addicted.

Feeling a Compelling Need To Use

No matter what the addiction might be, feeling the need to satisfy cravings is a tell-tale sign of addiction. And sometimes these cravings can be severe.

For example, cigarette smokers know very well that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. As such, quitting may take several steps. But when an individual uses a drug such as heroine, this may take intervention by trained providers.

Neglecting Responsibilities

When the addiction becomes a central part of one’s life, normal priorities and responsibilities often get pushed aside. This may also include abandoning opportunities or even neglecting family members’ needs in place of satisfying the addiction.

When addiction becomes severe, an individual’s lifestyle and relationships can suffer – and this may require therapy or counseling to correct.


When someone with an addiction doesn’t have access to his or her drug of choice, or if they choose to attempt quitting, withdrawal symptoms will soon manifest. And depending on the drug, these can vary widely.

Withdrawal symptoms can be both uncomfortable and even pose a threat to one’s health if they’re severe enough. And for a severe addiction, rehab therapy is often recommended.


The more one consumes a drug, the greater tolerance will develop. And if an individual finds him or herself using more and more of a specific substance just to feel the same effects, this can be both dangerous – and deadly.

Using more and more each time to reach a desired effect is a key indicator of addiction. And those finding themselves with higher tolerance should seek counseling immediately.

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