Woman smiling with white teeth from getting her teeth whitened from a dentist

Looking for a Whiter Smile? Check Out These 3 Options for Teeth Whitening

A brilliant smile not only gets you noticed, it’s also a sign of good dental health. And although tooth enamel may deteriorate over time, there are a few methods that you can consider if you want a whiter smile.

In the following, we’ll explore how you can achieve the smile of your dreams with 3 options for whiter teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

In-office professional teeth whitening is perhaps one of the best options for those looking to achieve a whiter smile. And this procedure includes laser teeth whitening procedures that will whiten your teeth instantly.

While a bleaching agent is used, a laser will enhance the effect. And you’ll be sent home with whiter teeth along with aftercare instructions.

Dental Whitening Trays

At-home dental teeth whitening trays can be provided by a dentist. And this offers a patient a convenient method for teeth whitening right in the comfort of the home.

With teeth whitening trays, an impression is taken in the office. Patients are then provided with whitening gel and instructions on how to use the application – and how often. Though this process is gradual, it will produce a whiter smile over time at your own convenience.

Custom Veneers

For stained or discolored teeth, whitening may not be the best solution. If this is the case, veneers can be custom-made to cover the teeth in order to produce s brilliant smile.

Veneers are very thin and typically made out of porcelain, acrylic material, or composite resin. And these are often a preferred choice for patients who have misshapen or broken teeth, and for those who have stained teeth from smoking

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