Senior Alaskan talks to young healthcare aide.

One Essential Element to Growing Old at Home

We can all agree that socializing is fun, right? Not only does it help keep us mentally sane, but believe it or not, it also has tons of health benefits.

Regular socialization is essential for people of all ages, but especially so for our aging population. Not only does Anchorage have one of the fastest growing senior populations in the United States, but Alzheimer’s numbers are also on the rise.

Turnagain Social Club is here to help our Alaskan pioneers stimulate their minds with socialization, which is a pretty fun way to combat Alzheimer’s!

More Alaskans are choosing to age at home.

We Alaskans are a pretty stubborn bunch – we can admit that. We’re naturally raised with a “do it yourself” mindset, and that’s exactly the attitude we carry into our elder years. For this reason, the choice to age at home is an easy one for us. However, it’s important to think it through.

While socialization isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when planning to grow old at home, it’s plays a vital role in maintaining your well-being.

Socialization is key to helping us age well.

It’s a critical, yet often overlooked aspect of health care. Science tells us that keeping our brains engaged in conversations and activities can benefit your memory and cognitive function in a major way! 

In fact, studies show that seniors who spend more time mentally stimulated tend to have an easier time transitioning from a daydreaming state to a focused state, making it easier for them to perform the daily tasks necessary to live independently. 

The question is: how do we make sure our Alaskan pioneers are staying engaged at home? 

Fortunately, the answer is simple: join the community at Anchorage’s best senior social center! 

Click the link below to learn more about Turnagain Social Club’s weekly activities.

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