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Quintillion Leadership Vision for 2021

Quintillion, the first and only telecommunications operator to build a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable in the North American Arctic revealed its vision for the future. While the innovative company has already succeeded in installing over 1,700 miles of cable along the Alaska coast, the network will continue to expand and grow in the coming months.

Expanding In: Quintillion’s Growth in Alaska

Quintillion plans to continue improving its system in Alaska to provide reliable, fast broadband to local communities. This involves continuing to partner with Alaskan companies, including service providers, to foster healthy competition and low internet prices. The company also plans to allocate new infrastructure bill funding toward building aggregation towers at each landing station to send wireless signals into the surrounding rural Alaskan communities.

Expanding Out: Transcontinental Fiber Optic Network

In addition to growing its network and presence in Alaska, Quintillion is going to continue building onto its current network to expand into both Japan and London. This network expansion will connect Alaska to the rest of the world and help support American national security methods.

Expanding Up: Connecting to Space

The Quintillion-Atlas HiLDA Ground Station is one benchmark in Quintillion’s plan to support America’s involvement in space. This is the highest latitude North American ground station, which provides American polar-orbiting companies the opportunity to rely on national ground stations rather than foreign infrastructure to launch new software.

Quintillion’s Roadmap

There are sure to be many obstacles in Quintillion’s path as it grows, especially people not recognizing and fully grasping the opportunity the changing Arctic presents. Alaska is a strategic location from a national security perspective, and rural communities benefit from the expansion of fiber optic cables into the Alaskan Arctic. Quintillion has strong visions for the future and is confident in its ability to connect Alaska to the world.

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