Person constructing a high quality fiber optic cable

Real Communication: Here’s Why Avoiding Chinese Fiber Optic Cables Matters

Fiber optics connect the world. And in harsh environments like the North American arctic, second-rate fiber optics from China simply won’t do the job. The fact is, in this environment, only the toughest cable systems will survive. But Chinese fiber optics pose another problem altogether.

In the following, we’ll discuss why Chinese fiber optics poses several issues that all Americans should be aware of.

Chinese Control

Due to the cheap cost, Chinese fiber optic production has made it difficult for American fiber optic companies to compete in the global marketplace. And the common business practice of flooding the market with cheap products can force other suppliers completely out of the market – even if their products are far superior.

The last thing any American wants is to have China gain full control over the fiber optics market in the United States. But the threat from Chinese control is even greater than this.

Chinese Security Risks

A growing concern in the intelligence community across the country is that Chinese-made telecommunications equipment may be used to spy on individuals, businesses, and government agencies. And it is thought that this equipment being sold below market value may eventually be used to sabotage Americans in many ways.

Removing Chinese Components

Now that Chinese telecommunications have been deemed a threat to the interests of the nation and its citizens, the FCC has begun a campaign for funding the removal of Chinese fiber optics equipment. However, much of this equipment is used by smaller communication companies that simply cannot afford to replace entire networks.

Additionally, the communication network of the nation will also suffer due to the poor quality of fiber optic equipment currently being purchased and installed from Chinese sources.

Investing in the future of the nation and the security of the United States is an American mission. Quintillion’s innovative artic broadband network is part of a larger mission to connect Alaskans to one another and to the rest of the world through high-capacity and higher-quality fiber-based broadband communications.

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