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Recovering From COVID-19: How Mental Health Professionals Can Help

While America is still fully recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and slowly returning to normalcy, the scars from the trauma of the last year are still fresh for many. Stress and anxiety are higher than ever, and many people are struggling to cope after losing loved ones, their jobs, or their homes.

Many Americans are eager to return to life before the pandemic. However, even as team sports, public events, and favorite restaurants are reopening to the public, mental health is still a major issue. Mental health professionals are a key solution to this issue, and revolutionary tools and methods are necessary to meet the growing need.

Difficulties Meeting the Growing Need

The mental health situation in America is growing and more and more people need help every year with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Statistics from 2020 reveal a startling picture:

  • Over 50% of American youth aged 11 to 17 reported having consistent suicidal thoughts in September 2020
  • 80% of people screened for anxiety or depression scored with moderate to severe symptoms
  • 60% of youth with a mental illness did not receive treatment
  • 10.8% of Americans are insured

Additionally, there are not enough mental health professionals to meet the growing demand for mental health services. As many older professionals are leaving the field, there is an insufficient number of younger professionals entering it.

The shortage of providers is most profound in rural and low-income cities where many communities don’t have access to a provider or a mental health facility.

Helping Mental Health Professionals Increase Efficiency

To increase the number of people they can help, mental health professionals need to revolutionize the way they treat people. This means adopting tools like teletherapy and online scheduling systems.

Counseling Connection is an upcoming platform that will play a key role in helping therapists, psychiatrists, and other providers save time and help more people by offering an easier method for clients to search for the exact type of professional they’re looking for and scheduling an appointment online.

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