Simple Tips To Improve Your Gut Health

Gut health is incredibly important. It can affect everything from hormones to energy, skin, and mood. When your gut is healthy and balanced, you’ll feel strong and vibrant. When it’s not, you’ll feel unwell and unmotivated. This can trigger a downward spiral of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Signs of Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health can cause uncomfortable digestive issues that reduce your quality of life. This can include an upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, gas, bloating, and unexplained weight gain or loss. However, it’s not just stomach issues. Gut health is linked to sleep, mood, skin, and more.

Many different things can trigger these symptoms, which is why it’s important to see a functional medicine doctor. This will ensure you find and treat the root cause of what’s troubling you.

A functional medicine doctor will take a holistic approach to restoring your gut health, which will include a physical examination, detailed medical history that will take your lifestyle factors into account, and potentially lab tests such as blood work. It’s a very thorough process.

Improve Gut Health Naturally

There are lots of things you can do to restore gut health. This includes identifying and managing stressors, prioritizing quality sleep, avoiding sitting still for long periods, choosing whole foods over processed foods, drinking plenty of water, and talking to your doctor about your medications.

Once you’ve made these changes, if you’re still having gut health issues, it could indicate a more serious issue. This is where a functional medicine doctor can make a huge difference.

Functional medicine doctors go through all the same training as regular doctors, but they do advanced clinical training in functional medicine. This ensures they can take an approach that is both curative and preventative, creating an individualized treatment plan that targets your specific needs.

Take Control of Your Gut Health

If you’re ready to get your gut health back on track, call the team at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine.

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