Satellite orbiting earth and sending data

Space Satellite Data Can Help Solve Problems on Earth

Satellites in space can provide us with lots of information that can help mitigate or solve problems on Earth. From the Department of Defense to national research institutions, organizations of all kinds can benefit from data collected in space. 

Through remote sensing, satellites can capture data and images of Earth that will be downlinked to ground stations. The analyzed information can provide countless benefits that will enhance many things like public safety to help businesses increase efficiency. 

What Problems Can Satellites Help Solve?

The data collected by satellites can detect issues and make well-informed decisions. The images that are downloaded can help us make decisions and solve problems. 

Natural Disasters

Satellites can help meteorologists and other scientists detect significant changes in weather that cause natural disasters. 

Forestry Resources

Forest management is a tough job requiring conservationists and timber companies to monitor tree levels and stockpiles. 

Ocean Activity

Data on the ocean can help scientists detect water temperatures, sea level, watercolor, hurricane activity, and tidal heights.


Satellites can help provide a new eye on any deformations or vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure that may cause catastrophic issues. 

Monitor Crops

Agriculture companies can use satellite data to monitor their crops for disease and assess rainfall without walking several acres of land. 

Illegal Activity

Satellite imagery can help detect where certain illegal activities like oil spills, deforestation, poaching, or unregulated fishing occur. 

Monitor Wildlife Patterns

Wildlife conservation and research utilize wildlife patterns to help maintain animal populations and understand their behaviors. 

Climate Change

Satellite data collected can be used to observe and better understand how human activity affects the climate of the whole planet. 

National Security

The U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security utilize satellites technology, data, and communication to make critical decisions that affect the safety of Americans from foreign to natural threats. 

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