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Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation occurs frequently in everyday life – when you twist an ankle, get a sunburn, get an insect bite, or you’re fighting an infection. It’s a useful tool when something is wrong.

However, it’s not something you’re meant to experience all the time. Chronic inflammation can cause more illness and even disability, because it leaves your body in a constant state of panic.

Tri-Cities Functional medicine specializes in helping people with chronic inflammation. Here’s how.

Chronic inflammation is really common.

There are 10 signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation. These include:

  1. Joint pain
  2. Muscle stiffness
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Unexplained fatigue
  5. Brain fog
  6. Frequent headaches
  7. Skin issues
  8. Persistent fever
  9. Chronic allergies
  10. Constant chills

Inflammation can be caused by a range of things you might not expect – such as processed foods and added sugars. It could even be gluten or alcohol.

That’s why the first step to getting your health back on track is to look at your diet. It’s important to make sure your body has the fuel it needs to function at an optimal level for years to come.

Stress can also cause chronic inflammation.

Prolonged periods of stress and a lack of sleep can cause your cortisol levels to rise. This is a hormone that affects your metabolism. Things such as meditation, spending time outdoors, or exercising can be really effective tools to find balance.

Exercise, in particular, is crucial. A lack of activity will make your body accumulate visceral fat, which is commonly associated with fatigue and poor health. Even just a little movement will help!

A proper evaluation from a functional medicine doctor is a great first step. They can provide an individualized treatment plan that will help you reduce inflammation and get your health back.

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