Depressed man sitting against a wall wondering if it is normal to have suicidal thoughts

Suicidal Thoughts: Here’s When You Know it’s Time To Seek Help

Suicide is among the top three leading causes of death worldwide for people aged 15 to 44 years. And with an estimated 1 million people globally dying each year by way of suicide, it’s important to know when to seek help.

Here, we’ll outline a few tell-tale signs that indicate when a person should seek help.

Obsessive Suicidal Thoughts

When thoughts of suicide are so obsessive that it becomes all a person can think about, this is a clear sign that help should be sought out.

Sometimes thoughts of ending one’s life can be so overpowering that it feels as though nothing will stop the pain. And the longer a person remains under the influence of these dark thoughts, the greater the risk of fully carrying out the act of suicide.

Making Plans for Committing Suicide

Once an individual has thought of suicide for an extended period of time, a plan begins to form. And the vision of carrying out the act of suicide may be so clear and vivid that it’s the only thing a person may think about.

It’s important to note that planning suicide often comes along with wondering how it feels to be dead. In addition, seeing death as a form of freedom may also begin to form. And this is a clear sign that a person should seek help immediately.

Engaging in Risky Behavior

Those who find themselves on the brink of suicide may display odd behavior and purposely place themselves in harm’s way. This may include walking out into traffic, running through stop lights, or performing dangerous actions such as provoking people into fighting.

When an individual has reached a critical point of depression, they often feel as though they have nothing to live for. At this point, survival instincts and proper decision-making may not dissuade them from harm.

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