Older adult mother looks at mobile phone with daughter

Technology Enriching Older Adults Lives

There is a stigma of older adults not being able to use newer technology. However, people over the age of 65 have increased their internet usage the most over the last 20 years. Devices now are user-friendly and allow anyone to use them. 

Utilizing technology can enrich the lives of older adults. There are many factors that can help them learn, connect, and grow. 


Devices like computers and iPads are easy to use and allow anyone to learn more and connect with other people.


Nearly everyone uses technology now and it is easy to connect with people. The internet gives you options to connect with new people, friends you haven’t seen in a long time, or your family. 

By using devices like iPads and phones, older adults can easily call their family. It’s an easy way to stay connected to your kids and grandkids. 


Computers offer an easy way to learn new things. There are many free online courses that can help you do everything step by step. If you’re wanting to do crafts, there are instructions on how to do them. Computers also have games on them to play like Solitaire. There are also older adult exercise classes that you can follow along with to help keep up mobility and be healthy. 

There are several services that provide opportunities to watch movies, TV shows, and more. You may also use the internet to research any events at museums, theaters, tours, and shopping venues that you want to visit. 


The internet is an easy way to learn new things. There are several classes, and many answers to things can be found online. You may also use the internet as a way to read blogs, news, or watch videos. 


You can use the internet to find new books to read and also where to buy them. It can also be helpful to use audiobooks. Many may find this as a better alternative if they have trouble with their eyesight. It is also better for people with Alzheimer’s disease who may enjoy books more when listening to them. 

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