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The Cost of Website Design: Here’s How a Marketing Agency Can Help

The value of a quality website can’t be overstated when it comes to content marketing. And this doesn’t apply to just the design alone. In fact, there are several key elements that a website must have in order to be effective and help drive consumers to your home on the web.

The truth is, building a website requires in-depth knowledge and developed skills regarding branding and content marketing, and marketing agencies understand these elements much more than the average freelancer.

What Affects the Price of a Website?

As mentioned, a website includes several key elements if it’s going to be effective and useful to a business. And when working with an experienced and reputable marketing agency, you’ll be able to capitalize on the cost and likely see a greater ROI.

The following factors can affect the cost of website design:

  • Size
  • Content
  • Experience
  • Software
  • Functionality

While the overall size of your website will be one of the largest determining factors, this is why partnering with a marketing agency is cost-effective. Because through a marketing agency, you’ll get the perfect size website for your business needs, and you’ll get results that will help you drive real consumer engagement.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Depending on the size and functionality, the cost of a website can fluctuate widely. But on average, according to recent surveys, the average cost to build a website through an agency or with a freelancer can range between $10,000 and $12,000.

In addition, when considering the expertise of designers at a marketing agency as an added value, a business will be able to significantly improve customer conversions. And this is critical to overall business success.

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