The New Quintillion Website

Quintillion recently launched a new website that beautifully captures the company’s goal of connecting the Arctic to the rest of the world through accessible broadband services.

The Creative Process

Quintillion’s website started with a single image of an arctic iceberg image, which represents the heart of the company’s mission. Quintillion is best known for succeeding in doing what no other company has before: creating a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic network in the North American Arctic. And they are continuing to expand this network, following a strategy they call “In, Out and Up.”

At the core of this mission is the Alaska community. Quintillion is located in Anchorage, Alaska and seeks to help rural communities in Alaska have better access to the internet and experience substantial growth and connectivity. The new website captures the company’s mission and strategy in its structure and design. The site dives deep into each part of the “In, Out, and Up” strategy, exploring Quintillion’s effect on Alaska communities, the outside world, and developments in space and satellite technology.

The Updated About and Resources Pages

When planning this website revamp, Quintillion knew it wanted to showcase its entire staff. The updated about page includes the entire staff, along with their bios and roles at Quintillion. While the old website only showed leadership team members, the new website reveals how much Quintillion values every innovator on their staff, including those who run day-to-day operations and reach out to the Alaskan community.

The resources page offers documents, presentations, and more providing the community and media with information on the Quintillion project and its impact. It also includes a helpful FAQ page and Quintillion’s up-to-date blog discussing industry news and company updates.

If you want to learn more about the process behind Quintillion’s new website, click the link below to read the whole blog.

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