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The Role of Marketing in Therapy Practice Recruitment Tactics

The great resignation spawned by the pandemic of 2020 may have slowed down a bit. But this phenomenon also changed the entire dynamic of how people are searching for jobs in just about every industry.

Job candidates in the mental health space, just like in many other industries, are actively looking for work environments that cater to their specific needs. And while a nice 401K package, health benefits, and the standard new-hire vacation plan were once attractive options in a competitive market, these pale in comparison to what many job seekers are looking for today.

Highlighting Company Culture

In today’s job market, particularly within the mental health space, job seekers are researching a prospective employer before they ever fill out an application. And this shift has also caused many companies to rethink their marketing when it comes to recruitment tactics.

Today’s job candidates are largely focused on company culture. And the following elements are questions that many potential job candidates are asking:

  • How does an employer treat their staff?
  • Is this company going to care about me?
  • Will I just be another number?
  • What is working at this company really like?

With online review sites like Glassdoor and Google Business Profile, job seekers can get an inside glimpse into a mental health practice before ever deciding to send over a resume. And this is why mental health practices need to make highlighting company culture a core component of recruitment marketing.

Navigating the Challenges

The primary challenge for recruiting new mental health practitioners is largely due to a high rate of burnout in the field, and a shortage of therapists for the number of clinics needing qualified help. But with strategic and focused recruitment marketing, any mental health practice can highlight its strengths and the type of culture where a job candidate will want to work.

In order to be successful, mental health practices need to highlight how their team, values, culture, and work-life will benefit a potential job candidate. And with recruitment marketing focusing on these elements, attracting the right job candidates can be made much easier.

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