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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Agency in Tacoma

Home care services are a great option for aging adults of people with disabilities who need help with daily activities but would rather remain in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re looking for a home care agency in Tacoma, Washington, there are several essential things you need to consider.

1. License and Certification

The home care agency should be completely licensed, meeting any regulations ad certifications required federally and by the state of Washington. You should also check that each staff member has a clean record. Ask if the agency screens staff by verifying their licenses, performing a background check, and doing a drug screening.

2. Medicare Policy

Many people rely on Medicare to cover some of the expenses for home care. Every agency is unique in the type of payments it accepts. Inquire if the agency accepts Medicare and other types of insurances or payments types before making your decision.

3. Care Options

Do you or your loved one require basic care or is skilled, medical services needed? Start a conversation with your doctor to determine what kind of care you need and find a home care agency that provides the level of care you need.

4. Staff Specialties

Home care is a broad term and doesn’t cover the many different areas an agency can specialize in. If your loved one has dementia, needs wound care or physical therapy, or you are seeking pediatric services, you may want to seek an agency that has experience and certification in addressing your unique needs.

5. Your Comfortability

Even if someone checks all the necessary boxes, at the end of the day you need to feel comfortable with and like the caregivers and staff at the agency you choose. Choosing a home care provider is a very personal choice, and you or your loved one will be interacting with their caregiver on a regular basis. If you feel uncomfortable, you may want to ask for a different caregiver or seek service at a different agency.

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