Under Too Much Stress? Here’s What to Do About It

Stress affects people differently. Some overeat, over-exercise, withdraw from friends or family, experience muscle tension, and so much more. When your body deals with chronic stress, it can have a profound effect on your mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Learn about the signs and symptoms of stress overload and what solutions you can consider, including first aid mental health, diet, exercise, and sleep. 

What Are the Best Ways To Manage Stress?  

When dealing with too much stress, there are various things to look at with your lifestyle: diet, sleep, and exercise. They can clue you into your stress response. Have you ever wondered why one person can slough off stress and another person it wreaks havoc on their life? This is likely due to how they allow stress to control them.  

Discovering how your parents or other relatives handled stress will help you understand your own stress response. Meanwhile, there are three things to look at and possibly make a change with: diet, exercise, and sleep. 


It’s important to look at your diet and consider adding in more fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in the B-vitamins, which helps feed your nervous system and calm down the stress response. 


If you love exercise, you already know the benefits it has on your mind and body; but did you know it also has a huge effect on stress? In fact, exercise is an excellent stress manager. It sends natural endorphins coursing through your body and helps with tension and anxiety and depression.  


A bad night’s sleep or not enough sleep can have a negative impact on your day, but chronic sleeplessness (insomnia) can reduce your ability to handle stress. To ensure you’re getting enough good sleep, explore your nightly routine.  

Relief from Your Stress With NYC Therapeutic Wellness 

Appropriate stress is good, but chronic stress is not, so if you need help coping with the stresses in your life, we invite you to  contact us  today. 

Our professional therapists have the tools you need to help with stress and anxiety. We are committed to getting you back to enjoying your life and managing stress healthily.  

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