Psychotherapist doing a podcast for marketing

Up Your Mental Health Marketing Game and Speak Directly to Clients Using Podcasting

While writing engaging blog posts and interacting with clients via social media are two great ways to speak directly to clients. Sometimes the human voice and that personal touch go a step further – and this can be a game changer when it comes to marketing for mental health practices.

Incorporating a podcast into a marketing strategy can improve conversion and interaction. In the following, we’ll discuss a few key points.

Offering a Fresh Perspective

Nobody wants to hear the same old topics being recycled. And this is where having a podcast can offer that personalized touch and give potential clients a fresh perspective.

One way to bring a bit of innovation and life into an ordinary health topic is to integrate it with an everyday issue that many people can relate to. And in doing so, a practitioner can breathe new life into an otherwise worn-out topic.

Make it Conversational and Listen

Not all content needs to be informative or list “takeaways” at the end of every session. The fact is, sometimes people want to listen to a real conversation. And this is because it’s often our own genuine ideas that offer the most value.

Listeners may love a back-and-forth conversation. But sometimes just listening and allowing a guest to speak can leave listeners intrigued and wanting to know more

Find the Right Audience

In the world of marketing, it’s all about finding the right niche. And once a health service company can find the right niche, this can elevate marketing efforts tremendously.

The key here is to not aim for the biggest audience of all. Nor should you attempt to connect with an audience that isn’t interested in a particular subject. Instead, targeting a specific group of clients such as veterans with PTSD or something similar will allow a mental health service business to speak directly to those who need special services.

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