Woman sitting at computer showing signs of burnout

What Are Signs of Burnout?

Living can be an exhausting experience. For many, we spend our days working, finishing housework, cooking, and driving the kids around. You may find that even if you want to accomplish everything, there are days when it’s not possible. 

When you’ve reached your limit, that’s when burnout happens. Hitting this point can be difficult for you since it may cause chronic stress and exhaustion affecting your performance or motivation at work. Here are ten common signs of burnout and what you can do to recover. 

What Are Signs of Burnout?

Burnout happens to many people who try to accomplish a lot. They may be stressed trying to get everything done and set aside their health to achieve tasks. However, this can hurt them in the long run as they hit a wall of exhaustion and feel a loss of motivation. 

So what are some signs that you can look out for? The following are some indications that you are experiencing burnout. 

  1. You can’t get out of bed in the morning due to fatigue.
  2. You can’t sleep at night because you’re thinking about your list of tasks.
  3. You feel irritable all of the time from the restlessness of burnout. 
  4. You can’t focus or stay productive for long periods. 
  5. You begin to hate your job, even if you’ve loved it. 
  6. You feel like a failure because you’re not achieving your tasks.
  7. You’ve been avoiding people because you’re exhausted.
  8. You can’t get the creative juices flowing and unstuck from the state of writer’s block. 
  9. You keep getting headaches or muscle pain from stress or lack of physical health. 
  10. You have a low appetite and may unintentionally lose weight. 

How to Recover From Burnout

Although your life may never slow down enough for you to feel completely caught up, there are some ways that you can subdue the feeling of burnout. A few key ways to establish a healthy relationship with your work and life balance can be to do the following: 

  • Talk it out
  • Identify the root cause
  • Set firm boundaries
  • Check in on yourself often
  • Rediscover your hobbies
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