Group therapy session

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Many people know that therapy can be good for their mental health. And when most people think about therapy, they think about the individual sessions where it’s just them and a therapist. However, group therapy can be a great option for many people. 

Some may not be able to afford individual therapy or are scared to talk with someone one-on-one. Then, on the other hand, people may be uncomfortable with the thought of group therapy. This brief guide will go over what group therapy is and the benefits of it. 

What Does Group Therapy Consist Of?

Group therapy is typically comprised of many individuals coming together to talk about similar things. They can often consist of mental conditions or unique situations of support groups. Each group is monitored by a therapist that decides how the sessions will be run. 

This can look different from group to group, but it will often consist of someone talking about their problems. The group rules may allow people to have open discussions about solutions that people found for that problem or suggestions. Often, the therapist will pitch in either to guide you through the discussion or provide solutions and exercises to help. 

What Are Some Benefits of Group Therapy?

Group therapy can help in many ways. They can help treat people with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or substance use disorder. The people who attend group therapy will typically share that specific condition and can use that to help one another. 

Some benefits that can make group therapy the right choice for someone can include: 

  • Accountability for your actions and change
  • Not feeling alone since others understand your struggle
  • Affordability of group therapy sessions compared to individual therapy
  • Unique perspectives and strategies that help solve problems
  • Practice relating to others that share or don’t share your struggles

These benefits can be largely beneficial for people and complement individual therapy sessions. 

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