Going home from a mental health hospitalization

What Are Ways to Healthily Transition Home After a Mental Health Hospitalization?

Experiencing a mental health crisis can be challenging and overwhelming for you and your loved ones. After returning home from a mental health treatment center, you may feel that you are scared and uncomfortable.

However, getting care in a facility can be a great way for you to reset and get the tools you need to mitigate your mental health condition symptoms. Here are five tips for having a health transition from inpatient mental health care.

1. Get Help Managing Needs

People’s workload at their job or daily lives can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to return to your normal life after having time away to recharge. When you’re getting ready to go home, you can develop a plan to help you manage your work and daily living needs, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

2. Continue Therapy When You Go Home

One good way to return home and not be overwhelmed with having less support is to continue going to therapy. Many people can benefit from seeing a therapist, but for you, it can help you express any worries you feel and have support during the transition.

3. Take Your Prescribed Medications

Some people need prescribed medications to help them with their mental health conditions. Once you return home, you should continue the treatment to mitigate the changes from inpatient care to being on your own.

4. Get Help From Family

One of the best things you can do when you return home is to use your family as a resource for support. They can help you with anything that may be too challenging until you take it over yourself. Some family members can also be good listeners for emotions you may be experiencing.

5. Know How to Get Help

One thing that you should know is what to do if a mental health crisis occurs. No one wants their mental health to drop after returning home, but it’s still possible. Knowing how to contact help will ensure that you continue to have healthy support during this difficult time.

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